Our Team

Local Professional Fishermen at your service…

Born in Marseille calanques, and local professional fishermen, we share the same passion: the Mediterranean sea, that we know by heart. We’ll make you benefit from our unique expertise, by giving you the best advices for your boat rental… We will help you plan your day-trip itinerary, and we will inform you on the best sea spots that you shouldn’t miss…

And if you would like to know more about local fishing, please check our articles. Or simply come meet us on our fishing boat the day of your rent !

Jean, Captain, local professional fisherman -JJ Boat Rental Marseille

Jean, our Captain…

Professional fisherman, Jean is the Captain of a fishing boat in La Madrague de Montredon harbor since 25 years. Jean has long practiced spearfishing at a high level. He has explored Marseille since its childhood, and knows the area seabed from la Côte Bleue to Cassis by heart. He will take you to the best spots, allowing you to observe, and even swim with, the many species of fishes that you always dreamt of!

Jérémy, local professional fisherman - JJ Boat Rental Marseille.


Professional fisherman in Marseille since 10 years. Passionate about nature, Jeremy has snorkeling and spearfishing as hobbies. Rigid-hulled inflatable boats, as well as open boats, have no secret for him.

Henri -JJ Boat Rental Marseille


Independant contractor, Henri ensures the maintenance of our fleet. Very good sailor, but also fan of paddle, he will make sure he leaves his paddle aside, to inteverne rapidly in case of a technical problem!